Spectral Analysis of Resonant Afterimages
from Coils of the Worm

Reduced quality web video

Animation and music © 2011 Aaron F. Ross
4 minutes 3 seconds

HD video available at Vimeo and YouTube

Stereoscopic 3D version available at Youtube

Two decades in the making, this piece began its life as a class project while I was a graduate student at CalArts. I generated the original piece, Coils of the Worm, with a complex multicamera video feedback configuration. Twenty years later, I’ve breathed new life into the work by bringing it into the third dimension.

In fact, this piece is rendered in stereoscopic 3D. Unfortunately, although 3D Blu-ray players and televisions are now available, 3D Blu-ray authoring software costs tens of thousands of dollars! When the software becomes affordable, I will release a 3D disc.

Coils of the Worm, and a documentary about the production process, are viewable online and are available on the DVD Machina Mystica.

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