Opus Alchymicum: The Special Edition

Animation, video and music © 1993, 1995 Aaron F. Ross
6 minutes 5 seconds

Warning! Intense strobe flickering light! Seizure risk! Watch at your own risk!

High frame rate video — 60 frames per second
High bandwidth Internet connection recommended. This video is encoded at 4 megabits/second.

The high frame rate provides smoother motion and faithfully represents the look
of interlaced video displayed on progressive displays such as computer monitors.

For slower connections, view the 30 frames per second version here.

Note: various segments of this piece were originally created at different frame rates: 15, 30, and 60 fps.
Therefore, the smoothness of motion varies within the video.

Video also available at Vimeo and YouTube

Computer hardware:
Silicon Graphics Inc. Iris 3000
Silicon Graphics Inc. Professional Iris 4D/80

Wavefront 2.x
Softimage|3D 3.x

Video equipment:
Electronics Associates Berkeley Videolab II
Fairlight Computer Video Instrument
Ikegami tube camera
Grass Valley Group 1600-1X switcher
Ampex ADO 100 digital video effects

Music equipment:
Yamaha TX-816 FM synthesizer
Roland SH-5 analog synthesizer
E-mu EMAX II sampler
Guitar and e-bow

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