Opus Alchymicum: The Special Edition

Animation, video and music © 1993, 1995 Aaron F. Ross
6 minutes 5 seconds

Warning! Intense strobe flickering light! Seizure risk! Watch at your own risk!

High frame rate version with smoother motion here.

Video also available at Vimeo and YouTube

Computer hardware:
Silicon Graphics Inc. Iris 3000
Silicon Graphics Inc. Professional Iris 4D/80

Wavefront 2.x
Softimage|3D 3.x

Video equipment:
Electronics Associates Berkeley Videolab II
Fairlight Computer Video Instrument
Ikegami tube camera
Grass Valley Group 1600-1X switcher
Ampex ADO 100 digital video effects

Music equipment:
Yamaha TX-816 FM synthesizer
Roland SH-5 analog synthesizer
E-mu EMAX II sampler
Guitar and e-bow

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