Media Blitz

Video and music © 1992 Aaron F. Ross
2 minutes 48 seconds

Warning! Intense strobe flickering light! Seizure risk! Watch at your own risk!

High frame rate video — 60 frames per second
High bandwidth Internet connection recommended. This video is encoded at 4 megabits/second.

The high frame rate provides smoother motion and faithfully represents the look
of interlaced video displayed on progressive displays such as computer monitors.

For slower connections, view the 30 frames per second version here.

Video equipment:
Hearne / Electronics Associates Berkeley Videolab II
Optical Electronics Incorporated raster processor
Fairlight Computer Video Instrument
ARP 2600 analog synthesizer

Music equipment:
Roland SH-5 analog synthesizer
Yamaha TX-816 FM synthesizer
DigiTech Pitch Rider

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