Aaron Ross — Machina Mystica

Video compilation 1990-1991 by Aaron F. Ross

Warning: some of these videos include intense flickering light. View at your own risk!

Anthology of short experimental videos by Aaron F. Ross, from the period 1990-1991. The artist makes extensive use of analog video synthesizers, video feedback, and flicker. Sound and music are woven together, and are inspired by esoteric traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism and Occidental alchemy. The videos are scientifically designed to be vehicles for personal transformation. Your neural pathways will be forever changed.

Avant-garde video art — Brain hacking — Visual Music — Gripping metaphysical odysseys
Complexity theory — Alchemical mysteries — Semiotic stone soup — Eastern philosophy
Cyberpunk transhumanism — Subversive meditation

Selected exhibitions:

BFA Exhibition, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
WRO ’90, Sound Basis Visual Arts Festival, Wroclaw Poland
Projections, CalArts, Los Angeles
4th International Videoweek, Geneva
Videonale 5, Bonn
Artists Television Access, San Francisco
Buddhist Film Showcase, San Francisco

Warning: stroboscopic flicker
avant garde brain hack visual music complexity video feedback
buddhism alchemy flicker iterated function system harmonic chant

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